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Listen to thousand of radio stations via Radioly, one of the few online radio stations that allow listeners to access entertaining songs from any location. The radio usually carries traditional, popular music formats and caters to the audiences turning towards digital formats.

Playing music is a pastime that spans generations. And though it’s mostly found in substance these days, those after private moments that don’t need or crave socialising are inhabiting internet-based internet radio stations in droves.

fm radio online stations are available at a click of a button on this website. With the help of the internet and download or streaming, you can listen to around 8000+ stations from around the world! It is a great source of entertainment and songs which make it an app worth having installed on your phone.

Our modern online radio application has a lot more functions than what they first might seem to offer as an app. It has the following features:

  • Cloud-based feature that can be accessed both on desktop and mobile phones;
  • Exclusive music videos for each station which fans can listen radio online anywhere in the world;
  • Songs can be heard in background mode when coming back your text messages or browsing through your Facebook news feed;
  • Eligible for smartphones including Android phone, Windows phone and iPhone;
  • Simply download from the app store or if wanting to sign up straight away then simply groove to the music on the internet radio.

The fm radio live radio stations now offer radio streaming through phones or computer networks instead of listeners having to tune in the station when the right frequencies match up with the stations they want to listen to. Like all other mobile devices, the application can be synced wirelessly so users can just give a go while they are driving or on public transport.

Apps with features of similar top online radio stations offer 24 hour of music, live radio, and trending songs.

The platform has all the features that you would expect in a FM radio station. Radioly provides continuous streaming and on-demand music, so you will never know when your favourite song might come up again. Live radio online is the best way to take your party out with an international twist or make being stuck in traffic more enjoyable by listening to awesome global bands from around the world!

Our application provides a desktop button that installs a radio app. The user doesn’t need to go for any downloads or anything like that. Instead, they tell the app what kind of station they want and it finds adequate programs from all over the world within seconds. We have teamed up with artists, musicians and hosts from all around the world broadcasting their programs on listen live radio stations.

Our application provides an intuitive user interface and features a simple design which offers a clean look and feel. Users can search a variety of radio stations including popular international classics, or contemporary music. Listeners are offered songs on demand with every update. So what are you waiting for? Just plug in and groove to the music.

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