Privacy Policy

The document that has been presented below has some valid information in terms of the user data that is available on Radio Hub App . Our most important responsibility is to keep your data secure and we impose strict actions such that your data is not damaged or misused. Anyone above 13 years can view and access the content of Bingato. We in no case collect the information of an individual who is less than 13 years of age.


  • Personal Information
    In case you are a registered user, then you can easily upload videos, and you can also have access to many other features. Here is the list of information that would be asked to you at the time when you register at our website.

In case, you have registered on our website, then you can easily have the access to the additional features of our website. Here is the information that can be asked to you once you register with us on our website.

  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Relationship status
  • Year of birth


  • Except for certain information such as email address and IP address, everything can be easily accessible to the public profile that is present on our website.
  • Our digital can be collected and used by anyone who is having a profile on our website.
  • We keep a record of all your information once you contact us through the Email.
  • We may also collect log file information such as browser type, IP address and the web request when you visit on our website.
  • We would be sending cookies to your computer system such that we can easily validate the browser session. Our website uses two types of cookies such as session cookies and persistent cookies. You should keep one thing in mind that you should not remove any kind of persistent cookies as a lot of functions of the site may not work in a right way.


  • The username selected by you is made public to the other users that are present on our website. Apart from that, different kinds of content such as messages, comments uploaded by you can also be made accessible to the other users.
  • We won’t send you any kind of promotional message without taking your permission.
  • We may use the mail id provide by you in case of non-marketing purposes such us informing you about the changes that is made on our website.
  • We might update the website from time to time such that the quality could be improved and further fix any kind of issues that may have occurred.


  • If you are posting any kind of material that is illegal, then Bingato has the right to forward all such information to the authorities without notifying you about it.
  • If needed, we would release all kinds of information such as to safeguard the protection of Radio Hub. This may include sharing all the information to different police and governmental authorities such that any kind of illegal activity could be easily resolved.
  • Further, we would not share any kind of information with any 3rd party companies without your permission.


  • It is advised that you don’t share the information to anyone as other users may misuse the membership that you might be having and thus you can easily land into a big problem.
  • We are very well aware that information transmission is not very secure on the internet. Furthermore, Bingato makes use of the latest technology such that all the information that you are having is secure, but we won’t guarantee about it.

Rights given

You are free to access and correct the data that is present on our website. Besides this, all the information can also be corrected by getting in touch with us through the contact us page. If you are having any other kind of queries, then you can get in touch with us at