Terms and Condition

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Radio Hub App is the owner and also operates the existing website and application on which you are browsing right now. This helps to regulate the tie-up with our company. To access the services and products available on this site, it is subject to the terms of using it. If you are using this page, you agree to follow all the policies of our organization. You are insisting on going through the page regularly for any changes in the site.

Access to the site is only allowed by short-term, and our company also maintain the authority that is needed to revise or pull back the administration without any notice or information. We’ll never have the risk if for any reason this website is distracted for any period. Once in a while, we might limit the access to some of the sections or the full site.


Never even think to abuse our website. You’ll not energize or carry a criminal offense, infection, transmit, worm, Trojan and any of the material which is mechanically destructive, has any foul or capacity hostile, hack in regards of the administration, etc. Also, degenerating information, inconvenience caused to different customers or endeavor to influence plan or the usefulness of PC offices.

Breaking the constitution mentioned above would lead to criminal offense,and Radio Hub will report such rapture to the applicable powers of law requirement and unveil your personality to them. We won’t get any risk of misfortune or harm brought by the appropriated refusal of the administration infections, assault or other material that are restricted because of your using the site or by downloading anything that is posted on it.

Sale Terms

By requesting, you are putting the forth to purchase that item and also accepting the terms and conditions of the company. All the requests are liable to affirmation and accessibility of the cost. Time of dispatch might fluctuate as indicated by the availability and subject to any of the deferrals coming because of significant force that won’t be capable.

Keep in mind that to contract with our company, you must be more than 18 years of age and have a relevant debit or credit card that is issued by a bank. We have all the right to decline any solicitation that is made by you. If the request is accepted or acknowledged, we’ll let you know by email or phone. Generally,in this case, it is the company itself or third party. When the agreement is made with any outsider, Radio Hub does not go with the operator or essentials,and the dealis made amongst you.

While submitting the request, you agree that all the information that you have given is valid and also precise, you are the client of credit or debit card used to put the request. The expenses of administrations and remote items may vary. The entire amount is liable to such changes.

A-Our agreement

When you put a request, you will get the affirmation email confirming receipt of your application: the email might be anaffirmation,and it also won’t constitute the acknowledgment of the request. The agreement between both of us won’t be shaped until we send you the confirmation by email that the services that are requested by you have been dispatched. The products that are recorded in the affirmation mail forwarded during dispatch will be incorporated in the agreement shaped.

B-Evaluation and Accessibility

While we guarantee that all the elements, costs and depictions that are on our website are precise, mistakes might happen. In the rare cases, we find an error in the price of any services that you have requested; we will give you the advice as quickly as possible and also give you the alternative option to confirm the request at the right cost or to cross it out.

If we are unable to reach our customers, we will take the request as crossed out. In the scratch-off event and if you have paid efficiently for the services, you’ll get a full discount.

The expense of taxes will be charged too; such charges are shown obviously where the pertinent get incorporated into theaggregate cost.


After accepting the request, we do a regular approval by keeping an eye on your bank card to guarantee there are adequate assets to satisfy the exchange. The card will get charged upon the authorization process. The services that are brought upon the charging of card might be dealt with the store against the estimate of any services that you wish to purchase.



  • Introduction


The following disclaimer governs you about the use of the website. Further, by using this website , you accept the disclaimer. If you don’t agree to any part of this disclaimer, make sure that you don’t use our website.


  • Intellectual property rights


We and our licensors governs the intellectual property rights as well as the material on our website. Furthermore, as per the license below, all our intellectual property rights are being reserved.


  • License to use our website


You can download and view for the caching purposes only and you can print the pages from our website in a condition that has been mentioned below:-

  1. You should not republish the material from our website or store the material from this website in any private or public electronic retrieval system.


  1. You should not duplicate, reproduce, sell, copy, resell or visit or in any case explot our website or the material that is present on website for any commercial purpose without our consent.


  • Limitations of Liability


The information that is present in this website is provided without any cost and you should acknowledge to the fact that you should not hold us liable for the information that is provided in this website.

While we would like to inform you that the information on the following website is correct, but we won’t warrant the accuracy or the completness of the website. In addition, we won’t commit that the website would remain available or the material that is present on this website is up-to-date.

Connecting to the site

You can link to our page, offering in a way that is lawful and reasonable and also doesn’t harm our notoriety, yet you shouldn’t build the connection as to recommend any endorsement, affiliation or support on the company’s part where nothing exists. You should never build a relationship with any website that is not claimed by you. This site should never be confined to some other page, nor should you link to any piece of the site other than the landing page. We take care to maintain the authority to pull back connecting the authorization without any notification.

Disclaimer for the imprints, identity images and copyright aside from where explicitly expressed despite what all might be expected from the people, checks,and substance, areas highlighted on the website are not related or connected with Radio Hub, and you should never depend upon the presence of such alliance or association. Any exchanging names or marks that are included on the website are claimed by the individual exchange proprietors.


You consent to shield, reimburse and hold harmless to Radio Hub. Its representatives, executives, specialists, officers and associates from any case, harms, risks or costs emerging from using this website or the rapture of the administration terms.


All our customer executives help to deal with all your issues that you might be facing and trying to solve the problem.

Refund Policy

All our services are subject to the return for up to a maximumten days, and also the services should not be used from the end of the customer or else will not be initiated.