Most Popular FM Radio Stations From All Over World

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Radio has been around for about 100 years and is still unstoppable since it is mainly depended on. There are different genres like rap, country, and black music that can also be found on radio stations.

FM Radio Stations Online also offer a wide range of shows, from sports coverage to talk shows to late night comedy. In the digital age, many people find live streaming on multiple platforms and devices easier and more convenient than tuning into either AM or FM radio. 

Fewer and fewer people leave the house without connecting their cell phone to FM radio in the US as well in order to be able to listen to their radio station through speakers or headphones on the go while they go about their daily tasks or errands. Some experts believe that FM Radio Stations may still be required in cases where it is not possible for some reason. But what are some different types and the best FM Radio stations in the world? Here are our top picks.

1. BBC Radio 6 Music

BBC Radio 6 Music is a BBC digital radio station available on digital radio, digital TV and online. The station plays a wide variety of genres, with a strong focus on new music in regions like Canada.

The station was launched in 2002 as BBC 6 Music, playing indie rock and alternative pop tracks (including artists such as Franz Ferdinand and The Stereophonics).

In 2008 it was rebranded to feature an eclectic mix of genres including alternative rock, jazz, world music and reggae under the slogan “the voice of musical freedom”. It also serves as a sister station to BBC Radio 2.

2. Kidjam

Kidjam is a digital radio station. It is a kids-oriented arts, music and culture station. It has been broadcasting. It is the most listened to digital-only station with over several thousand listeners per week. 

Figuring out what free internet radio stations in us exist worldwide can be a confusing and difficult task. That’s why there are several specialised tools that makes this easier – like those in the “Broadcast Tiers” section. These lists highlight the top-rated broadcasters in different formats like Christian, Music, Country and more. 

3. Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio is a popular radio station in the UK. It’s available on DAB, online and on FM. The station has a wide range of shows and music genres to cater for all listeners, including rock, pop, alternative and indie genres. In 2016, Absolute Radio had an average listener hours per week of 5 minutes 48 seconds which was down from 5 minutes 53 seconds in 2015, and you might find listeners from india as well.

4. Radio X 

Radio X is a radio station that plays rock music and alternative music from the United Kingdom and around the world. Radio X has a large number of listeners in the United Kingdom, with over 7 million listeners on weekdays and 900,000 listeners at weekends from spain and several other countries. The station was launched by Capital Radio Group in September 2015 as successor to its now defunct network Xfm London.

5. Kiss FM Radio station

Kiss FM is one of the most popular radio stations in South Africa. The station broadcasts from Johannesburg and Pretoria, with a reach of more than 20 million listeners around the country. The station was founded by a group of businessmen and has been broadcasting since July 1992.

The station broadcasts on FM frequencies in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. It also broadcasts online through their website or via mobile application on smartphones such as Android & iPhone devices.

Kiss FM also has a number of shows that cover different genres such as news, sports commentary and talk shows about issues affecting South Africans today like current affairs commentaries or music reviews which feature interviews with artists from all over the world who have performed locally at various venues around Johannesburg.

6. Magic Radio Station

Magic is a commercial radio station, broadcasting to the East Midlands and Northamptonshire. The station plays adult contemporary music mixed with chart hits and best sellers from Italy radio stations. Magic Radio started broadcasting in September 2008 as a result of a merger between Estuary FM (formerly Emap) and Trent FM (formerly GWR), which were both owned by GCap Media at the time. The new name was created following research into potential names by brand consultancy Interbrand. 

7. Heart Radio Station

Heart is a British commercial radio station, broadcasting a contemporary hit radio format. Established in 1988 as an FM station with the brand name Heart 106 (and later, Heart 100), the station became part of Global Radio upon its merger with Capital Radio Group in February 2010. The station has won around 30 awards including three Sony Awards, an NME Award, two ASCAP Awards and an Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards Gold Award, and one Sony Radio Academy Award.

Heart is also broadcast via digital platforms including DAB digital radio, Freeview channel, Sky channel, and Virgin Media channel. The station’s target audience is women aged 35-54 years old who look for music that’s current but with some tracks from the last few decades too. France radio stations are also becoming more popular on these platforms.


FM Radio stations are a useful tool to represent different types of music and cultures (hint: Brazil radio stations that showcase all kinds of artists). Radio stations allow them to reach people in offline regions as well. Radio stations are sharing programming slots with more and more units of music. Radio stations provide listeners with their favorite music at all times. They seem like timeless entertainment, especially for early bands that became popular in the 80’s.

It is hard to find an officially sanctioned list of all fM radio stations around the world – which is why we decided to make our very own online tool that serves that purpose! To keep things easy, you can enter your location or any other city or country into the search bar and discover everything related to that area! Radioly is just the app for your inner music lover. So access this platform and groove to the music.


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